I've been Simpsonized!

Wow, the net never fails to amaze me. Just send in a photo of yourself at www.simpsonizeme.com and the software at that site will analyze your photo and come up with a simpsons character based on it. Woo Hoo!


Live on the Fly Studio said...

I've tried 4 times and everytime I get an error. Is there a trick to it? I'm using a pretty simple photo (have actually tried 3 different ones). How fun! I've been South Park'd, Bratz'd and really would like to add this to my collection! Thanks for the link, I'll keep trying.

David Van Keuren said...

Actually, I should've mentioned that using the website is an excercise in frustration, hair-pulling and much gnashing of the teeth! I had to try close to 50 times to get my photo to work, many times I would get close only to have the server spit me out, or to be "simpsonized" and only have it be a blank portrait. The problem is (I think) that the servers are completely slammed with thousands of people trying the same thing, and the servers just can't handle it. The key is either waiting until about 10 p.m. or 11 p.m. PST and then trying to submit your image. That or wait a few days for the surge to die down a little. Good luck!