Sunset at Port Gardner

A pretty scene, even if the sailboat is being towed in!

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Taken at a Lavender Farm in Sequim last weekend.

1957 meets 2009 Hydroplane Racers of Yesterday and Today

In this image is a reconstruction of U-77 "Miss Wahoo" and unlimited class hydroboat that was originally built in 1957. Next to this boat is the 2009 Boeing hydroboat (U-787) that is also an unlimited class boat that runs on biofuel. It was really neat to see these two boats running together at Seafair!

2009 Seafair Images continued.....Boeing Hydroboat

This boat, sponsored by Boeing, runs on a new type of biofuel that they've been experimenting with as a jet fuel. It ran quite well!

Seafair Images continued...

"Oh Boy Oberto!" Unlimited class boat.

Seattle Seafair 2009 Photo Series

Stay tuned, more to come!


Went to Seafair today on Lake Washington. Got a lot of really cool pix, I'll be putting them up in the next few days.