New Self Portrait

A new self-portrait, I used filters to create a gritty look, (yes I do wash my face) not sure how I like it. Took this photo at the end of a difficult day, I thought I might be able to capture how tired I felt.

Crater Lake March 9th 2008

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Went to Crater Lake today, this is a panoramic image that I shot, 15 feet higher than where I would usually shoot this during the summer. Thats right, there was about 15 feet of snow there. The new visitors center, the 3 story structure? Had snow up to the roof. I could've walked to the roof. Amazing. Also quite beautiful. More images to come.


Image taken with my Motorola Razor cell phone at the end of my CPR class tonight. ARGH! Wish I had my Canon with me. Still, I loved the surreal nature of the photo as well as the composition.