New Self Portrait

Messing around with the camera, got a shot that wasn't too horrible.


Another shot taken at Gasworks park.

Nasty Little Beastie

Photographed this little guy with an old Canon 35-80mm kit lens mounted on a bellows that extends in and out. This little guy is about a 1/4" long.

Grass in the Rain - Everett, WA


Some interesting graffiti I came across on the north end of the Deception Pass Bridge.

Asiana Flight 271 Inflight Emergency. Photo refinement

Heres the shot from the other day. I took some time working with it editing. I really wanted to bring out the clouds to increase the dramatic feeling of this image. I sort of broke a rule of composition here as well, I perfectly centered the subject. Usually this isn't a good idea, but after trying various ways of cropping this, I left it the way I originally framed it. In my view, it just seems to work the best this way.