Fur Protester Downtown

Last one of the series, not a technically great photo (I should've used a faster shutter speed) but I like the dichotomy here. The contrast between the skull mask, fur wearing protestor and the plastic, fur wearing manniqen is pretty humorous.

Anti-Fur Protesters at Schumachers in Portland, Oregon. 11/26/05

Here is a shot of local anti-fur protesters having a heated 'discussion' with an unidentified employee of Schumachers Furs here in downtown Portland. I was about to give up on getting any interesting shots of the protest when one of the protesters was dumb enough to try to enter the shop. This instigated a confrontation between managment and the protestors. Fortunately it didn't get physical, just harsh words between two ideologically opposed groups, with me getting good shots of the whole thing. I really like this photo because it tells a story unto itself.

More photos coming soon.....

Haven't been really active in putting up photos lately. I've been busy however, getting images ready for printing to be shown at the Talisman Gallery in north Portland. I had submitted some photos for a juried show coming up early next year. They've cashed my check for the entry fee and my friend, Nolan, who shows paintings there, tells me that they've accepted my work! So, I guess we'll see how things go. I'm kind of a little stressed about it now though, I'm having my images printed at about 20"x30" and that will set me back anywheres from $60 to $100, I gotta have them framed, and two of them will be an oddball size, so who knows how much that will cost. Add this stuff on top of the fact that finances for us are already pretty tight and Christmas is around the corner, and well...I guess it will force me to be very creative about how I approach this whole thing. The big unknown for me is the cost of framing. However, I'm pretty sure I can find some inexpensive frames that I can build myself at some of the local craft stores. I'd honestly like to submit the images in a matte frame, but that may look somewhat unprofessional. Well, at least I got one big problem out of my way, that was figuring out how to increase the size of my images without losing the sharpness of my images. Thank God for Photoshop! I had read about a rather clever way of increasing image size and Pixels Per Inch in Scott Kelby's book "Photoshop CS2 for Digital Photographers". Man, that book is a goldmine! Well, enough of my ranting, I'll get to work on some new images soon. I may release some of the high speed shots that I've been experimenting with, but I haven't gotten any shots that I'm really pleased with, so it may be a bit before I release any of those. Thanks for visiting my page!

Thunderbirds Triptych

Heres a photo I created as a submission for the monthly photo assignment at Photosig. The images themselves are nothing new, but the arrangement is different than what I usually do. I think I like it, presenting the images this way helps to tell a story.