More Disneyland Trip Photos


Cinderella's Castle at Night

Quick Post - Hey I'm on vacation!

Heres a quick image I took this morning. Before the official opening of the park. Be back home soon! And yes we're having a great time!

Tree at Lava Lands south of Bend

This tenacious little guy was growing right out of the lava field. I doubt it will get much bigger than it is, but I still find it interesting that life will always find a way to grow and adapt to nearly whatever environment its put upon.

Smith Rock State Park - Wallpaper Sized

Another image from yesterday, perfect size for a 1280x1024 destop. Just right click and 'save as'.

Smith Rock 10/07/2007

Went for a walk with Bryson and Cassandra today at Smith Rock, this is a view from the trail marked 'Burma Road'.