My Portrait

Cassandra snapped my portrait today. I liked it so much I'm putting it up.


Shot taken at todays Duck Race at Drake Park.

Dee Wright Observatory at night

The top image is a one minute exposure. The bottom image is a combination of 38 exposures. You can read more about Dee Wright Observatory HERE.

Black and White Experimentation - Weathered

More experimentation with extreme contrasts. Not sure if I like it or not, but the results are interesting!


Lava Rock

Tower Theatre - Nighttime Downtown Bend

Tower Theatre
I took this image last night, and after I got home to process it, I noticed the blurriness around the main sign. I had just cleaned my camera sensor earlier in the day, so I was in a bit of a panic, thinking I had damaged it. So I grabbed my camera and started taking it apart and noticed a great big thumb print right on the front of my lens. Argh! Thats what I get for not cleaning my lenses before heading out.