P51D Mustang "Upupa Epops"

This aircraft can be seen at the Flying Heritage Museum in Everett, Wa. During the summer months aircraft from Paul Allen's collection can be seen flying at Paine Field. Visit www.flyingheritage.com to learn more! By the way, airplane is named after this bird.

The Furry Face of Evil

This is Annie. Annie likes to sit on your chest in the early morning hours and bat at your face until you wake up and feed her. This morning, Annie woke me up by hooking my lip with her claw. Annie is a bad kitty.

12 Things To Do Before I Die

My birthday has made me think about what I would like to do with my life before its too late. Here are a few thoughts.

1) Go Skydiving. At least once. Its something I've always wanted to try and wondered what the experience was like. I imagine its piss-pants terrifying but I'd still like to try it.

2) Climb Mt. Hood. My brother has done this, I wish I went with him. This is something I need to do. And train for.

3) Visit the Great Wall of China. Basically, I'd just like to visit China anyways and this seems like it would be a great destination on that trip.

4) Have at least one line of spoken dialogue in a major motion picture. I've done the background extra thing many times for movies and television, but I've always wanted to have just one opportunity to do this. However, I have had close-ups a couple of times! In all honesty, it would be fantastic to start a second career as an actor. I would be happy just earning what I make now, and working in film.

5) Have my photos in a gallery showing. Nothing fancy, just a small gallery or even a cafe. It would be nice to be able to show off my better images.

6) Ride in a Fighter Jet. Of all the items listed here, this is the most improbable. But its just so freaking awesome. Even if I would in all likelihood, throw up or pass out during the trip. Any fighter pilots out there want to trade some photographic services for a ride?

7) Watch my son grow up, be successful and start his own family. Which leads to #8.

8) Grow old with Cassandra. Enjoy grandkids someday with her. Be healthy.

9) Own a 2006 Dodge Charger SRT-8 in Detonator Yellow. OR a Subaru WRX Impreza STi.

10) Visit Europe. See all the countries. See all the major landmarks. Enjoy a meal at a nice cafe near the Eiffel Tower.

11) Visit Machu Picchu. Unfortunately the huge amount of tourism may actually be contributing to the deterioration of this place, so I have some mixed feelings about it.

12) Have a newly discovered astronomical body named after me. Why not? There are as many stars in the sky as there are grains of sand on a beach. Surely one of them could share my name! Any astronomers out there who can help with this?

Its my birthday.

Yes, its my birthday. (Thanks Jeremy!)

Found Art

I really liked this bit of graffiti I found at gasworks park!