hummingbird 2

Another hummingbird shot from Diamond Lake

Clackamas County Fair - Awesomely Bad Fair Ride Murals

O.k., check this out. This mural is on a ride called "Pirate Ghosts" or something like that. Most of this huge mural makes sense, its got pirates, sunken treasure, etc....THEN on the left side of the huge trailer that houses the ride I noticed this awesomely bad depiction of some kind of barbarian kicking some pirate ass! What was the painter thinking? "Damn, how could I make my painting better? I know! I'll throw in Conan the Fricking Barbarian in there to kick some ass and take names!" Check out the huge sword in the barbarians mouth. What the hell? I mean a dagger or a knife sure, but a humongous sword clenched between your teeth while kicking the crap outta pirates?! Thats totally sweet. Check out how the other pirates are totally panicking too, the blonde guy in the corner is yelling for his mama while the lumberjack(!) in the green shirt hanging from the ropes is watching the barbarian, who seemingly appeared out of an explosion, start whaling on his buddies. Too cool!

Yes! Indiana Jones on an alien world is about to bullwhip some aliens while running back to his spaceship. How damn cool is that?! Apparently Dr. Jones is an Intergalactic asskicker. Awesome!

Mt. Thielsen at Dawn

Tree near Crater Lake viewpoint

This weathered tree greets the first light of a new day at the Crater Lake rim.

One of the small falls near Clearwater Falls

Mt. Thielsen at Night - Moonbeams

A largely unedited shot of Mt. Thielsen at about 9 p.m. All I did was apply a small amount of sharpening to this photo as well as running it through a noise filter to remove some of the digital noise. Look carefully and you'll notice the moonbeams shining through the clouds. Cool!

Mt. Bailey - View From East Shore of Diamond Lake

Mid-afternoon storm clouds gather over Mt. Bailey.

Crater Lake Dawn: 6:00 a.m.

This is something everybody should see at least once in their lifetime. Make sure you click on the photo to get a larger image.

More YouTube Goofiness.

Heres another video I found on YouTube. Enjoy!

Funky Mantis

Heres a line art representation of a praying mantis from my yard. This actually turned out way cooler looking than I thought it would.