Sheetweb Spider on Euphorba Blossom

Caught a picture of this little fella crawling around my euphorba in the backyard.


Dandelion seed pods still attached to the surface of the plant.

Ruby Eyes


Close-up shot of a dandelion from my front yard.

Garden Slug

One of the many pesky visitors to my garden!

Garden Fly

A couple of shots of a garden fly that I found in my backyard this past Sunday. Its really difficult to get a decent depth of field when doing macro shots. I had to stop my lens down to f11 for the fly on the pin shot, which initially made it really dark. Fortunately, I shot the image in RAW format so I was able to brighten the image by 2 stops. I then did my sharpening and contrast/brightness adjustments in Photoshop. Finally I ran the image through a program called Imagenomic Noiseware that really helped clean up the noise in the image.

Carpenter Ant

A shot of a carpenter ant from my backyard. Check out the eyes! I'm beginning to get really hooked on this 'reverse mount' technique for macrophotography.

Experimentations with Macro-Photography

Heres a shot that I took today using a reversed lens on my camera. This method of photography is very difficult to master but it can be very rewarding as well. I had to take about a dozen shots of this spider before I finally got a shot that I liked.