Nighttime in the Columbia River Gorge

Heres an interesting shot I got the other night while taking photos of the Vista House. It still needs some more processing to get rid of the noise in the photo, but I still like it.

Vista House at Night

Heres a shot I took of the Vista House at Crown Point last night. The illumination behind the building is coming from the half moon. Taken about 11 p.m.

Pink Rose with frame

Delved back into the archives and pulled out this rose photo from the Oregon Garden taken earlier this year. Thought I'd spruce it up a bit and post it! Enjoy.

Pink Rose

Heres an image that I posted a close-up of before, now I've played with the lighting in Photoshop and added a really cool frame effect. I think I'll be using this frame on all my shots from now on. Let me know what you think!

Mt. Thielson wide angle

An Image of Mt. Thielson, Oregon. Taken from my fathers boat while fishing at Diamond Lake last August.

Multnomah Falls

Finally! Heres a new shot for all of you out there. Its Multnomah Falls about 20 minutes east of Portland. I've been meaning to get a decent shot here for years. Heres the first of several shots I took today, I'll be working on more photos and posting any others that I like.