I for one, welcome our new robotic monkey overlords.

I just read this article (link). Talk about a surreal moment. Using electrodes planted in their brains, monkeys have been able to control a robotic arm with their thoughts to feed themselves. Obviously this technology has fantastic potential for people who have artificial limbs, but perhaps also there are applications for future telepresence applications. And if you need to, you can reference the inspiration for the title post here.

I hate this time of the year

Ugh, my head feels like its been underwater for the past month. Ears plugged up. Allergies have become the bane of my existence. Coughing fits so bad that it makes me gag. Unable to sleep without the help of cough medicine and then feeling sluggish the entire next day. I feel like I can't get a full breath. Lousy, lousy, lousy, lousy. Hopefully the pollen count will be down soon and I can breathe again. Ugh!

Another shot

I was going to crop most of the stem out of this shot but I really dug how the shadow in the background looked, so I kept it in. Enjoy!

Same shot, different lighting.

As you can see different lighting can dramatically change an image.
Which do you prefer?

Macro Work

I felt the need to practice some macro shots today.
This shot was taken with my Canon 18-55mm efs lens on a reverse mount.
Exposure was 1/8th of a second at F22.
ISO 100. Shot in RAW format.