Midnight at the Bagdad, 37th and Hawthorne Ave, Portland

Canon 6D
14mm Rokinon F2.8 lens @ F8
ISO 100
10 second exposure

Barred Owl - Umpqua National Forest

I was taking photos near Whitehorse Falls in the Umpqua National Forest when I spotted this young Barred Owl sitting on a rotting log downstream from the falls. I quickly switched to my 70-200mm lens and started some shots. Fortunately, the bird stuck around while I was shooting and seemed quite bored by my presence! 

EXIF INFO: Canon EOS 6D, Canon 70-200mm F4 "L" lens @ F4. ISO 400, lens zoomed in at 200mm. -1 step exposure bias. Handheld

Milky Way Over Crater Lake

Two views of Crater Lake. Taken on August 7th, 2015 at 11:10 P.M. I was able to capture this shot using a tripod mounted Canon 6D with remote release. I used a Rokinon 14mm F2.8 lens. ISO 5000, exposure time was 30 seconds. F-stop was at F2.8. 

Airshow in Black and White

I never would have thought that airshow images would look good in black and white, however I am warming up to the look!

Vista House and Aurora

Okay, here's the background information on this shot. I used a Canon 6D with a Rokinon 14mm F2.8 lens. I set my camera to F2.8, set focus to infinity (this is all with the camera on a tripod), I set my ISO to 3200 and set my shutter for a 15 second exposure. When I got home I imported the image into photoshop and tweaked the contrast, saturation and structure levels just a bit to really make the colors "pop". A funny thing about this shot: As I was exposing the image, a vehicle parked on the other side of the vista house turned on his headlights and tail lights. I thought the shot was doomed! However, that motorist actually contributed to the image as his lights illuminated the inside of the building and really helped give the stained glass windows some interior illumination. If you look closely, you can see that a hand rail on the right side of the image is lit up by the red tail lights of the vehicle. Pretty cool huh? Also, for keeping track of aurora alerts, I use www.softservenews.com and also NOAAS space weather web page at http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/commun.../space-weather-enthusiasts.
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Vista House at Night

Canon 6D
Rokinon 14mm F2.8 lens @ F2.8
ISO 1600, 20 second exposure.

I changed the color temperature in Adobe RAW from 3700 to 3000 to give it a 'colder' look. I used Nik Effects Viveza filters in Photoshop to kick up the contrast, sharpness and saturation. I used Nik effects dfine filter to control noise on the structure. However, I did not use it on the background sky.

Palouse Falls at Dusk

Palouse Falls State Park, Washington.
Taken on March 21st, 2015

Willamette Falls Oregon Hyperlapse.

Willamette Falls "Hyperlapse"

Yesterday I tried out, for the first time, what is becoming commonly referred to as a "Hyperlapse". Basically, its a timelapse with camera movement worked into it. I took a series of 244 shots over a period of 70 minutes yesterday. Adjusted the images globally in Adobe Lightroom, exported the shots to Adobe After Effects and generated this movie as a result. There were a few mistakes made, mostly to do with keeping the camera level as I transitioned from the higher north side of the bridge I was on to the the lower south side. However, as this was a first time effort, I shouldn't be as hard on myself as I tend to be. I learned a lot of things about the process and I am considering furthering this technique with additional landmarks around the Oregon City area and eventually releasing a short 7-10 minute film. Technical information: Shot with a tripod mounted Canon 6D, 17-40mm F4L lens @ F4. Shot in aperture priority mode in order to preserve a consistent depth of field throughout the shot. Remote release used throughout the process.

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