Send In Reinforcements!

My submission for's monthly photographic assignment "Toys".

Taste Pilots Grill - Disneyland California Adventure

Normally I try to stay away from photos of other peoples sculpture and artwork, but I just love the front of "Taste Pilots Grill" at Disneyland's California Adventure. Being a complete aviation geek, I was thrilled to see a life sized copy of Chuck Yeagers Bell X-1 aircraft that he broke the sound barrier in. All the details are there, from the "Glamorous Glennis" painted on the side of the plane (in honor of Mr. Yeager's wife), to the orange paint scheme and the rivets on the fuselage. Cool! I also love the way they have it bursting from the building and pointed to the wild blue yonder. I keep thinking about the vacation I took with my family there back in October and I got to say, it was the best vacation I've ever had. If you go to Disneyland I highly recommend going to check out California Adventure as well.

Steins Pillar near Prineville, Oregon

This is Steins Pillar near Prineville, Oregon. Named after the explorer Enoch Steen (pronounced 'stein'). The landmark was misspelled for so many years that the incorrect spelling actually became the official name. It surprises me how similar it is to Monkey Face at Smith Rock State Park. I used HDR technique for this image. We had arrived there fairly late in the day with the sun almost directly above and to the west of the pillar. I opted to take about a dozen exposures and combine them into one so that I may retain detail in the image.