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Faux Scale Model Portlandia

I was fortunate enough to be working in an office building downtown that was being renovated, on my last day there, I brought my camera with me to get a different perspective of Portlandia that most folks don't get to see. I also played with the photoshop filters to create this fake scale model look.

Another photo from last weeks anti-war rally

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Yet another shot from last weeks anti-war rally. I was going through the images I had taken and I noticed that the sign being carried by the guy in the sunglasses reads, "how many will die for your gastank?". I thought that the sign, combined with the Porsche in the foreground (not exactly the most fuel-efficient vehicle) made an interesting image.

Photos from todays anti-war rally

Heres a few shots from todays anti-war rally in downtown Portland today. More to come in the next few days.

Salmon at SW 9th and Salmon

Took this shot today at sw 9th and Salmon, dowtown. Today was a real overcast day and light was horrible for taking photos. However I did run into this sculpture on the side of a building that I liked, so here it is.


Another image in my series....