Tigard Festival of Balloons 2006

These shots were taken early this morning at the 2006 Tigard Festival of Balloons. Bryson was especially impressed with them!

Birds of Prey at the Oregon Zoo

A Kestrel

Golden Eagle

Bald Eagle

My Birthday Beach Trip

Heres a shot of todays sunset at Cannon Beach. Cassandra, Bryson and I all hopped in the car earlier in the day and spent the day here to celebrate my birthday. Look for more photos in the coming days.


Heres a shot of Bryson with his grandpa last saturday at a local plant nursery. Bryson is pointing out a bumble bee while sharing cookies with his grandpa. I have been getting tired of the macro photos lately, so I figured it was time for a family photo.

Praying Mantis

Heres a shot of one of my new garden predators. I've released about 400 of these little guys into my garden, hopefully they'll provide a balance to all the other nasty critters in my garden. This photo is of a newly hatched mantis that is only about 8 hours old. Look closely and note the detail of the lenses in his eyes. This hatchling is about 1/2" long.