Climbers on Monkey Face

Smith Rock Photos

Monkey Face and the Crooked River

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Smith Rock State Park

Hiked all around and up and down Smith Rock State Park today. I have many, many shots to share, but I thought I'd throw this one up real quick before bedtime. Stay tuned!
Edit: I reworked and reposted this image. I felt it needed a bit more color saturation, so I corrected that. This is an HDR shot. Images were taken at F22 with shutter speeds of: /10th, 1/40th and 1/3rd of a second.

Another Image from Fort Rock

Formation within Fort Rock, Oregon

Fort Rock

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Visited Fort Rock today. Took some photos of some of the structures inside of it. Here are some color and black and white versions of the same photo. Enjoy! More photos to come.

Playing with High Dynamic Range

Two shots of Mt. Bailey near Diamond Lake, Oregon. I used a trial version of some automated HDR software called "Photomatix". I highly recommend it. In the black and white image I went a step further and used the calculations menu in photoshop to create what I hope is a rather dramatic black and white shot. Which is your favorite? Drop me a line! Thanks.

Sunset Over Klamath Lake

I had to work late in Klamath Falls today, heres a shot of the sun setting behind the mountains as seen from highway 97 about 20 miles north of Klamath Falls. I know that I haven't had a post in a very long time and everybody is eager to hear about the move, believe me, theres much more to come! Right now though, I have other things to do. Check back soon!