Paulina Lake as seen from Paulina Peak

Its a panoramic, click on it to enlarge.


Heres a close up macro shot of a damselfly at Diamond Lake. I didn't actually set out to take macro images on this trip, but I had my cousin along with me and I wanted to demonstrate how to use a reversed lens as a cheap alternative to a more expensive macro lens. The shot was taken at dusk and the damselflys had settled down for the evening in the reeds surrounding the lake. I managed to find one and I set up my camera on its tripod. Preset my aperture, removed the lens from the camera, reversed it and remounted it using a reversing ring. Took a guess at my exposure time, and took the shot. I took several shots, and this is one of the better ones. I would have tried more shots, but we were getting chewed up by mosquitoes, and I was really trying to get a landscape shot of Mt. Thielsen anyways. The only thing I don't like about the image is that the eye is out of focus. I guess I should have tried for a tighter aperture. Stats: Canon 20D with reversed 18-55mm lens. ISO 400, 1/60th second shutter speed, flash used, tripod used. I think the aperture was at about f8 or f11, I can't remember.

Waterfalls along the Umqua River

Whitehorse waterfalls at the top and Watson waterfalls at the bottom.

Assembly Line

My son has this little lucite cube that has two different liquid mixtures in it. One liquid is heavier than the other and is colored as well. The colored liquid falls down these little ramps inside the cube and also spins a wheel encased within it as well. I finally realized that a close up macro shot would be pretty cool with this toy and here is the result! Enjoy.