Painted Lady Butterfly on Red Gerbera Daisy

Taken with the 18-55 mm EFS lens (reversed) that comes with the Canon Eos 20D kit. I bought a special adapter from Hong Kong for about $10 a few weeks back that allows me to seat a reversed lens onto my camera using the filter threads. Works pretty well too! Taken at 1/40th of a second at F22 using ISO 200 RAW.

200th Post! Fun in the Kitchen

I made quite a mess in the kitchen today. The bottom shot is of a strawberry dropping into some 7-UP, I had hoped the extra fizz from the drink would help out, but the image kind of falls flat on its face due to the fact that I needed to use a glass that doesn't have beveled edges, perhaps even a fishbowl or something like that would be better. The top image I'm a little happier with, I dropped the strawberry in a small dish of half and half. Although I made a bit of a mess, I had help cleaning it up from our cat, who was more than happy to take care of the half and half!