Seattle Fishermen's Memorial

This is the statue that resides atop the Fishermen's Memorial at the Seattle Fishermen's Terminal.


A cormorant sitting on a pier at the Seattle Fishermen's Terminal.

Fishing Nets

Here is another image I took. I was interested in it for the same reasons as the chain that I earlier posted. I wanted to knock this down to its basic lines and textures so once again I deemed black and white the way to go.


I came upon this seemingly discarded chain near the docks while at the Fishermen's Marine Terminal. I saw that this would be a good black and white subject. In color most of this image is rust red. I opted to convert this to black and white and also use a red filter to really bring out the textures evident in the subject. While its not very exciting to look at, I find that this is a good black and white study of texture. After the conversion to black and white and applying the red filtering, I also sharpened this image using a high-pass filter technique that I read about in the February 2013 issue of "Outdoor Photographer" magazine. I think it really gives this image some much needed punch and works to the benefit of the varied textures.

Salvager 1

The unfinished surface of this boat caught my eye today as I was wandering around the Seattle Fishermen's Terminal. I don't know why exactly I liked it enough to photograph it, but I'm glad I did. Once again, I used the "HDR" process on this image to give it extended tonal range. I hope you like it too.

F/V Wonderland at Seattle Fishermans Terminal

Took this image today at the Seattle Fishermen's Terminal. Image is a composite made up of 3 separate images, each taken at a different exposure and then combined on my computer to make a single image. Admittedly, the technique, known as "High Dynamic Range" or "HDR" for short is a bit heavy handed here as you can see a distinct "halo" effect around some of the objects in the photo. However, while I typically try to avoid the halo effect, I sort of liked it in this image and left it that way.