Dandy Hornet

This photo is from a recent walk around my, uh, garden. More interesting pics to come!


Here is a snapshot I took of a seagull at Cannon Beach recently. I have two others that turned out fairly well, so I'll be putting them out soon as well. I chose to desaturate the photo somewhat and I like the end result.


Oh man oh man, its been a while since I've last posted a photo and I apologize. Today I present to you one of my favorite frog photos that I took a few months back at the Oregon Garden down in Silverton, Oregon. I highly recommend going there whenever you are in the area. Its a beautiful place where you can let life slow down a little and take a nice walk in some really great surroundings.

Thinking of Georgia.....

This is a close-up of a rose at the Oregon Garden that I took earlier this year. I was going through my files and spotted this one and I decided to give it a tight crop. I guess I was inspired by a Georgia O'Keefe painting I had seen earlier and wanted to create something that reminded me of it (at least in my mind anyway!)

Pipes at Willamette Falls

I took this photo a little while ago in Oregon City. I don't know what the pipes do, but they were situated on a little rock outcropping southwest of the falls and they seemed to be an interesting subject to me. A funny note about these pipes. A few weeks after I took this photo I was watching the movie "The Hunted" and there was a scene in it where Benicio Del Toro had washed up on a beach and went to find some scrap metal to make a knife for himself. Virtually the whole scene took place in front of these pipes! Unfortunately, the movie was horrible so I can only advise you to watch it if you're in the mood for a really crummy movie.

Portland at Night

Heres one of my favorite shots of downtown Portland, Oregon. I took this one back in January while standing underneth the Marquam Bridge near the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

Hey! Nice Tomatoes!

I was at the farmers market in Milwaukie, OR. recently and I took this closeup of a really delicious display of tomatoes that was there. It actually makes a pretty good desktop background in its original size format.


Well, here is my first post on my new daily photo blog. First off, I want to give a BIG thanks to my good friend Lane Scheideman for giving me the inspiration to start a photoblog as well. I admit that I really liked the minimalist style and form of his blog so I basically copied it. They say that imitation is a form of flattery, so I hope there are no hard feelings for having the same look. I encourage the viewer to check out his work and to drop him a comment or two regarding his photos. O.k., with that said, lets move on to the first photo for this blog. The photo is titled "First!" and it seemed an appropriate photo for my first posting.