Panoramic view of downtown Seattle as seen from the needle.

Three images, combined. Wish I had panned to the right to get more of Elliot Bay.

Portland Panoramic

This is a shot I did several years ago, I never put it out because I personally didn't feel that it was that good, but in light of the recent panoramic shot of Seattle, I figured I'd throw this out as well. There are many things wrong with this image. I was using a fairly cheap lens and there is all sorts of weird artifacts throughout the image that I cloned out, part of the panoramic shot is actually slightly out of focus.....ugh! But it still retains a beauty to it and it may have some interest to the viewer, so I'm throwing this out there. Hope you enjoy it!

Still Life - Golden Pear

F8, 1/85th second, ISO 100, Canon 50D w/ 17-40mm F4 L @ 40mm. Off camera flash shot from the side with a yellow filter. Flash dialed down -3 stops.

Seattle Panorama

A panoramic shot of Seattle combining two different images. Really, really compressed and tiny though due to the constraints of posting on Blogger. Make sure to click on it for a bigger version than the preview one!

Seattle at Night from Alki Beach

ISO 100, F16, 30 second exposure. 200mm.

Mukilteo Lighthouse in HDR

Using HDR to create this image of the lighthouse yielded unexpectedly cool results! I even went ahead and bumped up the color saturation to give it an almost 'cartoony' feel to it. I like it!

Clouds Near Ferry Landing

Skies over Puget Sound

Canon EOS 50D, Canon 70-200mm F4L zoom lens @ 91mm. F1/16 @ 1/50th of a second. ISO 500. Shot in "Aperture Priority" mode. Used in camera monochrome mode with a Cokin T2 Gradual density filter. 6:38 p.m.

Marquam Bridge

Going through my old images and I found an image of the Marquam Bridge from February of 2006. Rather nice! It also makes me homesick.

Inn at Port Gardner

A High Dynamic Range shot of the Inn at Port Gardner. I'm not happy with the composition of the image, but its quite colorful and a fairly nice shot. I did learn a lesson here though. Always, always be sure your camera bag is zipped up before picking it up! I nearly lost a Canon "L" series zoom over the pier! Fortunately I am imbued with cat-like reflexes and was able to intercept the errant lens.