Wine Country

Vineyards near Dundee, OR. Photoshopped using the faux pan/tilt process.

Multnomah Falls

I think I'm addicted to this technique. Its really, really fun!

Aurora Antique Mall

The Aurora Antique Mall in Aurora, Oregon.

Scale Model of Willamette Falls?

Nope, just more fun with the 'tilt/shift' effect!

Larger image of "Model Crown Point"

Heres a larger version of the image I was playing with.

Fake Tilt-Shift Images Using Photoshop

Heres an old image of Crown Point I took a while back. I recently read a tutorial about how to make some images look like they were scale models instead of actual places. The technique I read about is supposed to simulate an expensive tilt/shift lens using photoshop filters instead. I don't know how effective it is, but I'm having fun experimenting with it. What do you think? Did I turn Crown Point into a scale model or does it just look blurry to you?

Bridal Veil Falls Dreamland

I'm addicted to the process of making faux infrared film images. I'm pretty happy with this one.

Multnomah #2

Another reworked image. I was really at a disadvantage by the time I got to Multnomah Falls, I realized I was running out of room on my 1 gigabyte memory card so I switch from recording my images from RAW/JPG to just JPG. While I was able to take more exposures by not recording them in RAW format, I also limited myself with what I was able to do in post-processing. So all my Multnomah Falls images are in JPG only. Fortunately I was able to clean them up in Photoshop so they looked pretty good.

Wahkeenah Falls Reworked

A rework of my Wahkeenah Falls image. I used the magic wand tool to select the green area around the falls as well as the log and increase their exposure by +1 and +2 respectively. I also bumped up the green color levels a smidge. I also used the 'curves' and the 'color sampling' function to help me get accurate color correction for this image. Enjoy!

Bridal Veil Falls

(Image replaced on 02/19/06; I did some more color correction and exposure adjustment in Photoshop, colors and tone look much more natural now).

Horsetail Falls

Wahkeenah Falls

Taken earlier today.

Latourelle Falls

Latourelle Falls. It was about 25 degrees when I took this photo. With the wind chill factored in, the temp was probably closer to 10-15 degrees. Brrrr!

Multnomah Falls on Ice

Heres a shot of Multnomah Falls from earlier today. As you can see our recent cold temperatures have allowed for the formation of a nice layer of ice around the falls. I spent a good part of my day today hiking up to Latourelle, Bridel Veil, Wahkeena, Multnomah and Horsetail Falls. All of them iced over! More pics to come.

Dream Forest

I took this shot last month near Silver Creek Falls outside of the town of Silverton, Oregon. In this photo I'm using a faux infra-red technique that I picked up in the latest issue of "Photoshopuser" magazine. I particularly like the effect here on this image of ferns in a ravine. I'll probably be playing with these photoshop filter effects more in the future. Enjoy!

Portland Panorama

Two image panorama version of my previous Portland photo.

Portland at Dusk

The shot above shows the Hawthorne Bridge with the Koin tower and the Wells Fargo Tower.

The shot above is of the rising moon reflecting off of the U.S. Bank tower. Thats the Morrison Bridge in the Foreground.

Took some more photos today of the Portland Skyline at dusk today. Unfortunately I was wholly unsatisfied with the shots I took. Here are two of the better ones from the bunch. I took these images on the Eastbank Esplanade on the Willamette river.


Edited 02/13/2006

Entropy reworked

A reworked version of my previous image.


Entropy: "A process of degradation or running down or a trend to disorder" -Merriam Webster Online