On The Prowl

A photo that I took earlier this year. This little sucker was hunting in my garden for aphids. I'm sure he got his full as the darn things nearly took over my backyard this year.

Ode to Ansel

Here is an image that I enhanced using techniques from the book "The Photoshop CS Book For Digital Photographers" by Scott Kelby. This is an image of Mt. Thielson using the "Ansel Adams Style" Extreme Grayscale Conversion lesson in the book.

Crown Point, Oregon

An older shot I took of Crown Point earlier this year.

Republic Seabee air intake

This is an image of the intake on a restored Seabee aircraft from the late 1940's. It was part of the Northwest Antique Airshow 2005 Fly-in. It won the "Presidents Choice" award at the fly in, and is piloted by Steve Lantz. A particularly interesting note about this aircraft is that its powered by a Corvette engine!

SR-71 Blackbird Engine Detail

This is a resubmission of the original photo I posted yesterday. I decreased the contrast and burned in some areas that were a little too bright. Sr-71 Blackbird at McMinnville Air Museum.

Cowling Swirls

ISO 100, F10, 1/640th of a second, 55 mm focal length. This is the brushed aluminum swirls on a world war 1 era replica aircraft that was about 3/4 scale. Image taken at the 2005 Northwest Antique Airplane Club airshow at the McMinnville Airport.

Daredevil's Plans

Cockpit of a SU-29 stunt plane operated by professional airshow performer Renny Price. I took this photo today at the Northwest Antique Airplane Club 2005 McMinnville Airshow near the McMinnville Air Museum. The paper you see in the cockpit is his performance plan. I used a circular polarizer on this photo to minimize the glare coming off the canopy of the aircraft. I like the end result of this photo because I feel it helps tell a story about the plane and its owner.

Old Warriors

This is a photo of Mr. Stanley P. Richardson jr. He is a volunteer at the McMinnville Air Museum. He is also a World War 2 pilot. During the war, he flew P38 lightnings and P51 Mustangs in the European theater. He escorted bombers, attacked German ground targets and flew as air cover over Normandy on D-day. He has shaken the hands of two men who have walked on the moon and has also met with several other Apollo astronauts. This man has one of the most amazing careers I have ever heard of and he has done and seen many amazing things. If you ever get to McMinnville, Oregon, be sure to take the opportunity to talk to him and the many other veteran volunteers there. They all have amazing stories to tell, and their tales should be remembered by all. This photo is of Mr. Richardson standing in front of a P38 lightning, similar to the aircraft he flew, but as you can see, the markings on it are of another plane that saw action in the Pacific theater.

Moon Shot

Another one of my shots of the moon taken last week.

Milky Way.

An image of the Milky Way that I captured last week. Canon Eos 20D, ISO 3200 (!), F 3.5, 18mm focal length and a 30 second exposure. Sorry about the noise in the photo, but its somewhat unavoidable at such high ISO settings. I tried despeckling it in photoshop as much as I could, but the next time I try this photo, I'll be using an ISO of about 800 with a longer exposure.

Phantom Ship

Here is an image of the island named "Phantom Ship" that resides near the edge of crater lake on the southeast side. 1/125th of a second at F7.1 with a 70mm focal length and ISO 100. The photo was taken using landscape mode with my Canon EOS 20D.

Wizard Island, Crater Lake

Taken at F5.6, 1/100th of a second at ISO 100 while using a circular polarizer filter. This is an unenhanced photo with no PS work at all, save reducing the size of the image and some crop work. As incredible as it may seem, the water really is that blue!

Crater Lake

Here is a panoramic view of Crater Lake that I created using three different photos and combining them using Canon's wonderful photostitch software. I'm really happy with how this photo turned out using that software and I can't wait to try it some more.

Mt. Thielson at Night

Well, I just got back from vacation down at Diamond Lake. Sorry for the long delay between postings! Here is a photo I took the other night of Mt. Thielson. This mountain sits on the East side of Diamond Lake and is about 20 miles north of Crater Lake. This is a 5 minute exposure with the Camera set to an ISO of 800. I was using my Canon 18-55 mm lens using the 18mm focal length. My aperature is 3.5 . Even though this photo was taken with ISO 800 I still have some digital noise in it, which is bothersome. But it is probably a result of me sharpening the image in Photoshop. Enjoy!

Mt. Hood with Lavender Field Foreground

Heres a photo I took earlier today on an outing to Hood River with Cassandra and Bryson. Enjoy!