Wildflowers near Anacortes, Wa.

Fairy Slipper
Avalanche Lily
Shooting Star

Yellow Tulip

Photographed at "Tulip Town" near Mt. Vernon.

Tulip Town near Mt.Vernon, WA.

The tulips are in bloom! Go visit "Tulip Town" near Mt. Vernon and catch them while you can!

Old abandoned boat west of Mt. Vernon, Wa.

I was with my photo club last Sunday and one of the subjects we photographed that day was this abandoned boat laying alongside a slough near Mt. Vernon.

"Small Falls" at Wallace Falls State Park

This is image was created by mounting my camera to a tripod, getting it as close to the water as possible (actually, the tripod was in the water) and angling it up the falls. I used a circular polarizer to slow down the light, cut reflections and help make the colors in the image 'pop'. Finally, this image is a composite of two separate shots, the first one of the pool and half the falls, and the second one was from half-way up the falls and on up. Heres the technical specs: Canon Eos 50D, ISO 100, canon 17-40 F4 "L" lens at F22. Circular polarizer. Fired off of a remote with the camera mounted to a tripod with a 4 second exposure time.