Experiment with long exposures

 "Cross Traffic"
So I setup my tripod in the back seat of the ol' Subaru and set my camera on top of it. I've had this idea kicking around in my noggin for a while of doing long exposures while driving at night. Its hardly a new idea, but it was one that I hadn't tried yet. I realized that I could preset my focus, set the camera to aperature priority (F8) and program my intervalometer to command the camera to take an exposure every 20 seconds. All I had to do was drive! No worrying about the camera or when to take a shot, I let the intervalometer do all the work. I have to say that the results were better than I thought they would be, quite trippy actually. Next time I'll have to make sure to clean my windows and do the driving on a night that doesn't have rain!

High Dynamic Range image of Seattle Skyline at dusk

Heres a very unrealistic, hyper-processed image of Seattle at night. This is a composite image made up of 3 different exposures that, in turn, were made 3 stops apart from each other. One image is 3 stops overexposed, one image is exposed correctly and the last image is 3 stops overexposed. This in turn allows special software to take these three images and combine them into one image that attempt...s to show the range of differing exposures in one shot. Often this technique results in weird, otherworldly looking images and its very easy to tell when a photographer has gone "too far" with this technique. Myself, while I like playing with it and I enjoy the effects it creates, wouldn't consider this to be a "serious" photograph. I hope you enjoy it though!

Birds Near Padilla Bay, Wa.

 Swamp Harrier
Young Bald Eagle