Red Baron Pizza Squadron - Loop

Thunderbirds Diamond Formation

Yet another shot from the USAF Thunderbirds incredible performance on 09/11/05.

Thunderbird Reflection

Another shot of the Thunderbirds amazing performance on 9/11/05 at the Oregon Airshow.

Heritage Flight T6 Texan and T6 Texan 2

I think this flight was also part of the "Heritage Flight" that was originally meant to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the USAF. Here we see a World War 2 era trainer, the T-6 "Texan" and its modern day namesake the T-6 "Texan 2".

Heritage Flight - P51 and A10 Thunderbolt

Here is a shot of the World War II vintage P-51 Mustang flying alongside the A-10 Thunderbolt 2, aka "The Warthog". This flight took place during the 2005 Oregon Airshow in Hillsboro, Oregon. The organizers call this the "Heritage Flight" and was originally conceived in 1997 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the United States Airforce. Its always a thrill to see these two aircraft flying as they are my two personal favorite warbirds from the old and new generations of flight. However, I can't understand why they don't fly an original P-47 Thunderbolt along side the new Thunderbolt II as that would seem more suitable. They both flew the same types of missions and they both carry the same namesake. Of course, I don't mean to disparage the more famous P-51 Mustang, as it flew many air-ground missions as well during its tenure from WWII into the Korean War. Thanks for viewing!

Team Oracle Ribbon Cutting

Heres another image from the 2005 Oregon Airshow. This plane is the Team Oracle aircraft piloted by Sean D. Tucker. This guy puts on a really, really amazing performance and if you get the opportunity to see him, you should. I'm not kidding, I've been to a LOT of airshows and this guys performance is worth the price of admission alone.

Red Baron Pizza Squadron - Coming At Ya!

Another shot from last weekends airshow....expect more images to come!

Head on Pass

Heres a shot from the USAF Thunderbirds demonstration squadron. This team of pilots has consistently put out high quality shows throughout the years. Every performance that these guys do is their "A" game and you can always count on being entertained when they show up. This image is from yesterdays Oregon Airshow in Hillsboro, OR.

BOOM! - Unaltered Repost

Heres an unaltered shot of my post from yesterday. As you compare the two, you can see that I didn't do any of the burning in on this photo as I did on the other one. As to which one I like more.....well, its hard for me to say. I think I like the burned in version more myself. I'd like to know what you think!


An incredibly lucky shot I got of an F18 at near mach speed. I feel so very fortunate for being able to get this shot as it is a shot that I've always wanted to take. This was shot today at the 2005 Oregon Airshow in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Taken with my Canon EOS 20D with my Quantary 300mm lens at F8, 1600th of a second. ISO 400.

Repost of Portlandia

Here's a repost of my Portlandia image. I've been tweaking it a little bit here and there since I posted it last night. Here is one of the better results of my experimentation. I feel by blurring out the background, I've been able to increase the viewers focus on the statue. Hope you like it!

Portland Skyscraper

Heres a shot I took yesterday late afternoon.


Here's a shot I took of Portlandia earlier today. She is 36 feet high although if she were standing she would be 50 feet high. She is the second tallest copper statue in the United States, surpassed only by the Statue of Liberty.

Really Huge Cargo Ship

This is a shot of the MV "Indiana Highway" a cargo ship used by the Toyota company to haul vehicles from Japan to Oregon. She is registered in Kobe, Japan. Follow this link for some interesting stats on this ship (needs adobe acrobat reader).

Coast Guard River Patrol

Heres a shot of a Coast Guard patrol boat zipping past some fishermen on the Columbia River. I went fishing with my dad on Monday, had a big fish hooked, but I lost him. Although neither one of us had any more bites for the rest of the time we were out there, it was still nice to go out on the river and just enjoy being outdoors. We were fishing near the Trojan nuclear power plant on the river, but we were on the Washington side. There is a fresh run of Chinook thats running up the river from the coast and we were hoping to get one or two fish. Oh well, better luck next time!


A black and white shot of the decommissoned Trojan nuclear power facility on the Columbia river near St. Helens, Oregon.

Race Track Wedding

Heres a photo I shot of a wedding that took place in Yakima on Saturday. It was the wedding of our friend Angel and her fiance, Mark. Cassandra and I were invited as guests, but I was more than happy to snap a bunch of photos for them. I must say this is the most unusual wedding I've ever been too, but it was quite a lot of fun as well. Congratulations you two!


Part of the pack of cars racing at the Yakima Speedway yesterday afternoon. I was there with Cassandra to attend a friends wedding. The wedding by the way, was actually quite fun, as our friend, Angel, was getting married to her fiance, Mark, at the raceway where I guess he practically grew up. The ceremony itself took place on the starting line of the track with Mark's familys car that they sponser as the backdrop to the ceremony. As I told Cassandra, this was the first wedding that I needed to bring earplugs too! I'll probably have one or two pics of the ceremony up soon.

Big Dipper with Shooting Star

A night shot I took at Diamond Lake a few weeks back. It shows the constellation of the Big Dipper with a shooting star off to the lower left.

Seal Watching at the Oregon Zoo

Heres a shot I took a long while back at the Oregon Zoo. You can see Cassandra holding Bryson in the center of the shot watching the sealion as he swims by. I'll be having some new stuff up soon, I promise!