Linda Vogts Retirement

This image is of myself and other former Clackamas Print staff members. The Clackamas Print is the Clackamas Community College newspaper in Oregon City, Oregon. The folks in this photo were all members of the newspaper in the early '90s (myself included). We had gathered together to celebrate the career of Linda Vogt (centered) at her retirement party on Wednesday June 13th. As a former student of Linda's I would have to say that she is the most memorable instructer I ever had. She is an incredibly intelligent, thoughtful, fun person who devoted so very, very much of her time and energy to her students. She worked with us, and guided us during our time on the Print. She is a damn fine instructor, and although I didn't end up working in the journalism field, the impact of my time spent with her and on the newspaper has profoundly impacted my life in a positive way to this very day. Many of the folks I shared time with on the paper are my good friends to this very day. Indeed, I met my wife through one of my friends that I met while I was on the newspaper there. There really isn't enough that I can say to Linda, so I'll make it simple. Thank you, thank you for being the absolute ideal college instructor. I am honored to have been able to be one of your students. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

That's a very touching tribute


Anonymous said...

You're looking well. Good to see you smile!