Willamette Falls Oregon Hyperlapse.

Willamette Falls "Hyperlapse"

Yesterday I tried out, for the first time, what is becoming commonly referred to as a "Hyperlapse". Basically, its a timelapse with camera movement worked into it. I took a series of 244 shots over a period of 70 minutes yesterday. Adjusted the images globally in Adobe Lightroom, exported the shots to Adobe After Effects and generated this movie as a result. There were a few mistakes made, mostly to do with keeping the camera level as I transitioned from the higher north side of the bridge I was on to the the lower south side. However, as this was a first time effort, I shouldn't be as hard on myself as I tend to be. I learned a lot of things about the process and I am considering furthering this technique with additional landmarks around the Oregon City area and eventually releasing a short 7-10 minute film. Technical information: Shot with a tripod mounted Canon 6D, 17-40mm F4L lens @ F4. Shot in aperture priority mode in order to preserve a consistent depth of field throughout the shot. Remote release used throughout the process.

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