Midnight Lightning Near Bachelor and Broken Top

This image was taken late last night at the highway 20 viewpoint between Tumalo and Sisters.
Taken with a tripod mounted Canon 20D using a Canon 28-70mm F2.8L lens. ISO 400, 1 minute exposure @ F2.8. In all honesty I should have taken this photo at ISO 200 or even 100, but I wasn't getting any good bolt lightning, so I bumped the ISO to 400. Of course THATS when the bolt lightning starts up! The original image was totally flooded with too much light and would have been unusable. Fortunately I was shooting using RAW and I was able to tweak the highlights and brightness in Photoshop to bring the image back together. Also, I wish I had used a tighter aperture, but I didn't because I needed to get as much light as I could and also, I wasn't sure if it was necessary for this kind of shot. I just focused on infinity and opened up the shutter and hoped for the best! As it is, the ridgeline seems a little blurry to me, but its still an enjoyable shot overall.

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Anonymous said...

Hi your taking some great shots. hope you get to meet up with the family in Aug.. I love to look and see what your up to with your camera. I won't be there but some of your other aunts will be I'm told. so take some pictures k. love to you and yours, Suzie