Peacock at Petersen's Rock Garden - Redmond, Oregon

Went to Petersen's Rock Garden today. I think I must have driven past this place a hundred times in the past. Well, finally I took Cassandra and Bryson there to check it out. It was actually a pleasant surprise. There were many remarkable sculptures and buildings made out of rocks and semi-precious stones, peacocks were all over the place. The museum there is really neat as well, with many, many fine examples of just about any kind of gemstone and ore that you could think of. There is a gift shop there as well, so you have an opportunity to purchase some of the same stones that are on display. A classic, kitschy, roadside attraction. I highly recommend stopping by.

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Bpaul said...

Beautiful shot, I'll now have to cruise your blog when I have time -- just what I need anther good blog LOL.