Mt. St. Helens Sept. 24th 2006

Went and visited the Johnston Ridge Observatory near Mt. St. Helens with Cassandra and Bryson today. Got some cool shots of the crater releasing a little bit of steam and went and walked around some of the trails as well. The observatory is named after geologist David A. Johnston who died in the May 18th eruption while observing the volcano from nearby Coldwater II Ridge. His final radio transmission to his collegues gave the world its first notice that the mountain had started its devastating eruption. The site where he was located at was directly in the path of a massive pyroclastic flow that destroyed everything in its path. After the eruption, that ridge was named after him.
In this image I wanted to show both the volcano and the devastation it caused, as well as the life that has come back up since then. I feel that I captured this well in this image. To get this image, I mounted my camera on a tripod, used a circular polarizer to cut back on some of the haze. The exposure is F22 at 1/4 of a second using the ISO 100 setting. I also used fill flash to bring out the detail in the stump.

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