#700 Comes Back

Here is a shot of the SP&S #700 steam locomotive as it returns from being stuck overnight on the rails near Oaks Bottom. From what I heard, the tracks that it was on yesterday and spread apart under the weight of the engine and a couple of the front wheels had come derailed from the track. The train is being used as part of a holiday train ride that is being given in cooperation with the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.
Machinery such as this are really a marvel, with all the steam and the deep rumbling of a locomotive such as this, you almost get the feeling that its less a machine then it is some great beast rumbling up the tracks. Puffing and growling and screeching its way past in great bellows of smoke and steam. You get the sense of power barely contained as the very ground beneath your feet trembles and shakes with its passing. Truly a marvelous sight.
More shots to come!

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