Old Warriors

This is a photo of Mr. Stanley P. Richardson jr. He is a volunteer at the McMinnville Air Museum. He is also a World War 2 pilot. During the war, he flew P38 lightnings and P51 Mustangs in the European theater. He escorted bombers, attacked German ground targets and flew as air cover over Normandy on D-day. He has shaken the hands of two men who have walked on the moon and has also met with several other Apollo astronauts. This man has one of the most amazing careers I have ever heard of and he has done and seen many amazing things. If you ever get to McMinnville, Oregon, be sure to take the opportunity to talk to him and the many other veteran volunteers there. They all have amazing stories to tell, and their tales should be remembered by all. This photo is of Mr. Richardson standing in front of a P38 lightning, similar to the aircraft he flew, but as you can see, the markings on it are of another plane that saw action in the Pacific theater.

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